28 May 2014

Lou Lous Vintage Fair Finds

As you all may know I run the ever so important tea parties at Lou Lous Vintage Fairs nationwide. I absolutely love travelling the country and getting to see vintage treasures every weekend. I thought I would post up some pictures from my collection of inspiring vintage attire worn by fair goers to unique and wonderful stall holders. If you have never been to a Lou Lou's vintage fair then do search on Facebook to find where your nearest one is. They are both up north and down south each weekend!

Jess xx

27 May 2014

Travelling Vintage Tea Party

Hello Vintage Lovers,

Its been a while since my last post due to lots of time spent baking! We've been traveling with Lou Lou's Vintage fair more or less every weekend and its been a tiring but rewarding few weeks! I thought i'd share a few pictures from our recent fairs. It seems that our Blueberry Cake is getting rather popular with the summer coming up and we've also recently started to sell San Pelegrino lemonade! Also, our newest addition..fruity scones!

Jess xx

5 March 2014

Searching for a Tea Room Business

Hello there vintage lovelies!

I have been quite a busy bee with non stop vintage fairs every weekend to bake for. I will be in Hull this weekend for a Artisan Market (something I should start baking for tomorrow!) . I really stopped to think about how far i've come since all those little baking posts I use to do on here. I rather miss those days I use to bake for fun and for family! But with the cake business starting to outgrow my little home kitchen I really have been thinking about seriously looking into opening my dream tea room recently and its not been easy to find one! I have been selling my cakes at fairs for so long and although I love it I think it may just be time to find a real base and take it to the next level.

A friend of mine made a really good point the other day. She said 'If you wanted to solely bake for a living then I wouldn't open a business. Go and work for someone else' 
I replied, 'Thats the thing, I cannot wait to be able to employ someone to bake my recipes so I can have more time to put my heart and soul into making my brand a success' 

And I think that says it all in a nutshell. I love baking but its the business as a whole I want to have because otherwise I would just apply for a cake bakers job! 
I did come across this one tea room to let today in Bridgnorth which use to have a 1940's type theme to it. I'm not sure why it shut down because its in a really busy area but I do have some ideas. I love all things vintage but I do think there is a fine line between old and dated. It would need some over hauling but could be a good little location! 

The search continues! 

Jess xx

31 January 2014

Nerd Geek Glasses and Moustache Cake

Well hello there my vintage lovelies,

I have been extra busy since the beginning of the year and have just recently moved to a new little apartment. I didn't realise how much baking and tea party related things I actually had. It took one whole car load just to move all my tea cups, cake stands and tablecloths! Its been quite hard to juggle the move and bake but the oven in the new place is wonderful! My cakes seem to be coming out fluffier than ever.

But enough about that, I made this ever so hipster cake the other week and have only just had time to finally share it.  It was a 'nerd/geek/ theme cake for an 11 year old girl and it was great fun to make. I actually get rather worked up decorating with rolled fondant so when oreo buttercream was requested I was over the moon!

So here it is in all its glory..the first birthday bake of 2014...

4 November 2013

Vintage Yoga with Marilyn Monroe

Ever since graduating this past summer my life has been in a bit all over  the place. I don't think you realise how much university was a bubble that bursts rather dramatically once all the essays and exams are done. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss boring lectures and those essays but I do miss my routine and direction. It was a big decision for me not to pursue a Masters and chose my cake business, so when I do have a few days off from baking it gets me wondering all sorts. Did I make the right decision? Will it be a success?

As a result, I have fell in love with yoga. The funny thing is I was made to do it both at college and university whilst studying performing arts and I absolutely loathed it. It proves the point that anything in that studying environment can be ruined! But just these past few weeks I have truly found a sense of grounding through the practice and it really does settle me. Every morning it sets me up for the day and I look forward to rolling my mat out and just 'being with the breath'.

So in honour of my new found yoga love I found some wonderful pictures of my other love (Marilyn Monroe) doing some yoga poses! They are absolutely amazing and if I am to get a figure like hers yoga is definitely here to stay in my routine.

Jess- Lady of Vintage xx

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